Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some helpful information/Some thoughts

If you like great tunes, don't forget that Diplo and Bonde Do Role are doing up the Mummer's Museum on July 21st. I would suggest grabbing advance tickets from r5 since I think only about 250 people will get in. It's 22 bucks, which is kind of steep, but that's because it's 8-12 open bar and then I think there's an afterparty where the open bar continues or maybe there are just drink specials. DJ Panek told me that Diplo and Lowbudget always used to do this type of madness at the Ukranian Club a couple of years ago and it is what kind of put those guys on the map as well as their 'Never Scared' mixtape (2003). I think Cliff (Panek) was saying that he attended a party of the same nature at the Met in New York and everything was well-lit because it was a museum and colorful and stuff and it was a unique experience. I honestly can't remember whether he said he experienced that or just heard about it. I was mangled at the time. I feel like I should be hired to do promoting for r5, but here's the info:

Diplo/CSS(Cansei De Ser Sexy)/Bonde Do Role
At The Mummers Museum
2nd and Washington Ave (almost South Philly)
Philadelphia, PA
$22 / Includes Full Real Deal Four Hour Open Bar (all you can drink - beers, wine, mixed drinks etc)
All Ages To Enter / 21+ To Drink

I already have tickets and I am really excited, except, I feel like I am going to have the highest expectations ever and it's going to suck or I'm going to have low expectations due to trying not to have high expectations so that I'm not dissappointed and it will completely blow my mind. Either way, I predict the most ridiculous dancing you will ever see from me.

ALSO..... A Silver Mt. Zion is playing in the church sanctuary on July 31st. This is pretty much going to be the show that makes me want to kill myself afterwards so that I can die happy. The show is going to be some OTHER LEVEL type shit and I will probably die.

Silver Mt. Zion
At The First Unitarian Church's Sanctuary
2125 Chestnut Street (22nd and Chestnut)
Philadelphia, PA
Take A Look Of The Room : HERE and HERE
$12 / All Ages

Anyway, Dave Ott lent me this book by Henry Rollins who was the lead singer for Black Flag throughout a whole bunch of years in the 80s. To say the least, the book is highly entertaining simply for its view of Rollins as complete dickbag/true artist. There is a fine line between the two parts of Rollins and I think mostly he is a product of the 'punk/hardcore' scene at the time and his writings from that time are completely reflective of how the times have changed. In the beginning of the book, Rollins is writing as and older, more mature person reflecting on what he can remember about the early tour dates. Towards the middle of the book, the writings are from a journal that Rollins actually wrote in while on tour and they are considerably more immediate and disturbed. Rollins writes as if he planned on releasing the journal one day to impress. He complains about how other people complain that 'Flag' has sold out and they're such rock stars but all the while the band hardly has money for food and constantly goes through hardship after hardship but still goes out and DESTROYS every night which I guess is the general essence of hardcore. The more I read, though, the more I get annoyed at how much he gets annoyed at fans. He was once as big a fan of Black Flag as the people who were seeing them at shows in '83, but it is like he forgets what it is like to be pissed when the band doesn't do what you want to hear or not give what you think is their best performance.

The most awesome thing about the Henry Rollins book is that it makes me want to listen to Black Flag (and subsequently Minor Threat and Nick Cave, because the two are present throughout a lot of the book) all day every day.

Anyway, stay velvet, friends.

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