Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can we just talk about Grandaddy for a second?

They (mainly Jason Lytle) were always so much more wildly popular in the UK and Europe than they were in the United States, which I find SO ODD.  The vibe of every Grandaddy song is so inherently American, its so strange that they were not welcomeas quickly here.  They definitely gained popularity in the mid 2000s, just because who could resist the greatness??

Jason Lytle is almost a detestable character in my eyes because he is just like me A whining, melancholy, tongue-in-cheek writer who is never satisfied and clearly hates everything around him yet absolutely loves it at the same time.  Its just tough to sometimes exist and interact with other humans. Its at the very tip-top of the list of first world problems “wah wah wah no one understands me, Im just going to go to my room and sulk and think about how terrible the world and everybody is…”

The interesting dichotomy is that despite his disassociation with the synthesized nature of the modern world and love of everything you find in the wilderness that is natural coupled with his cynical view of the disconnected, intellectually absent man, he crafts absolutely delightful sunny tunes.  Every song is so meticulously orchestrated.  His tedious attention to recording at a high level of quality is admirable.  Like Radiohead, Grandaddy is one of those bands whose quest for perfection works out in our favor. Instead of sounding slick and overproduced, it sounds loose and easy yet you can tell the level of thought that was applied.  Even the tiniest additions of robot sounds and synthesized bursts of guitar are injected with tremendous care and concern for the overall vibe of the song or album.

The lyrics are especially inventive. 

Im going to list a few of my favorite lines in songs.  I have actually a million “favorite lines but Im going to be arbitrary.

Did you love this world? And did this world not love you?

Bye, Im on standby
Out of order or sort of unaligned
Powered down for redesign
Bye bye, Im on standby
According to the work order that you signed
Ill be down for some time

I love so much of Grandaddys lyrics. Their albums always sort of have the same vibe – Robots, Computers, Androids … all with human qualities. Or humans realizing just how much they resemble robots and the whole horrible alien logic at all.  Since I love their lyrics so much, I actually cant just pick one song.  Jason Lytle has this completely uncanny ability to take a totally normal sentiment about lost loves or general depression about life being a little meaningless and he turns it all into fascinating heartbreaking stories of these faceless people/robots that can't function in this modern world oversaturated with technology.

Test tones and
Failed clones and
Odd parts made you

I think it's funny that the song is about "Jed the Humanoid" but somehow I feel such a connection with this drunken piece of sh!t.  

'You said I'd wake up dead drunk
Alone in the park
I called you a liar
But how right you were..."

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