Tuesday, August 28, 2012

People always ask me why i started playing bass...here's just a few reasons why

via a Spotify playlist because I got two hours of sleep last night and it's been a hard day's night. Enjoy. ESPECIALLY the first song. I thought it quite paradoxical to put a song called "End of Music" at the beginning of a playlist. love love love.

PS - There were no Black Sabbath tracks on Spotify that I wanted to add. (i.e. a lot of times Spotify blows chunks)

PPS - I made this a "collaborative playlist" in case you want to add any scrooge mcduck kinda bass tracks to this list -- and in case you're a dullard -- scrooge mcduck obviously means "rich" sounding bass lines

PPPS - If I'm going to say ONE sentence about why I started playing bass: "I love music so ridiculously much -- and if I'm going to pick my favorite instrument in most songs -- it's 9 times out of 10 gonna be the bass"

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cool said...

bass = forever underrated